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Upside Down College Search – Finding Your Deals

Finding your deals is the point in the Upside Down College Search process where you determine colleges that are likely to meet the criteria you have defined and will be a good deal for your family.  Over the past several weeks,

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Let’s Talk About Expected Family Contribution

Before we go on with the Upside Down College Search process, let’s talk about Expected Family Contribution. Last week, I said that this week’s topic would be “What Deals Can You Get?” As I started writing that, I found the

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What Does Your Student “Need” In a College?

What does your student “need” in a college?  Now is the time to separate “wants” and “needs”. This is the third article in the series that breaks down the Upside Down College Search concept I first introduced in “A Better

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What’s Your Student’s Merit Hook?

What’s your student’s merit hook for the college search process? I am not going to go so far as to say that every future college student has a merit hook, but most do. Even if your student is not at

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What Can Your Family Afford For College?

What can your family afford for college?  Knowing this is the first step in the Upside Down College Search process.  I introduced this concept last week as A Better Way to Search for Colleges. This Upside Down College Search process is

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A Better Way to Search for Colleges: The Upside Down College Search

Do you need a better way to search for colleges? Last week, I wrote about The College Search Family Caught in the Middle.  Basically, if your family makes too much money for need-based aid, but you don’t have enough college

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The College Search Family Caught in the Middle

The college search family caught in the middle – Can’t afford the sticker price of college, but too wealthy for financial aid. This is the type of college search family I focus on most on Characteristics of the College

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Wait For Your Financial Aid Award Letter!

Make sure you wait for your financial aid award letter before setting your heart on a particular college. That is, unless you can pay sticker price for the school without any merit-based aid or need-based aid. I heard a sad

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I Hope This Isn’t Your Kid’s College Experience!

I have taken a couple weeks off from writing a new post.  The first week, I was out of the country on an amazing company-sponsored trip.  It made me feel very fortunate to be where I am today and it

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Resources for Making the Final College Choice

Making the final college choice is a difficult decision for a student and his or her family.  Here are some resources to help. Your student has visited schools, filled out applications, waited patiently, and now the decisions are coming in.

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