Author: Wendy Nelson

Common Myths about Private Scholarships: Tips from a Scholarship Expert

After hunting for the best merit scholarships possible directly from the colleges, you and your child may find leftover expenses that are not covered. Whether your child needs extra money to cover tuition, books, or other expenses, the next step

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5 New Year College Search Steps for High School Juniors

There are specific new year college search steps for high school juniors. If you are the parent of a high school Junior, it’s currently the start of the second semester of Junior year. This is a crucial time in the

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Can You Ask A College For More Scholarship Money?

Can you ask a college for more scholarship money? Most often, the answer is “Yes, it never hurts to ask.” When it comes to asking for more scholarship money, there seem to be three different types of colleges: Colleges that

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It’s December – What Should Your College-Bound Senior Be Doing Now?

It’s December.  What should your college-bound senior be doing now? It’s time to transition from college applications to college selection. With the new year will come the push to maximize your student’s merit and/or need-based aid. Here is a list

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Why Choose A College You Can’t Afford?

There are many ways to avoid choosing a college you can’t afford, but it does take some work. First, let’s take a look at why some families do choose a college they can’t afford. Why (Would You) Choose a College

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How to Find Merit Scholarships

I am teaming up with Debbie Schwartz of to offer a webinar called How To Find Merit Scholarships.  Debbie and I are both very passionate about this topic and come at it from slightly different angles.  My specialty is

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When Your Kid’s College Choice is Wrong

What do you do when your kid’s college choice is wrong? My short answer is, it depends on your kid. We spent the weekend with our middle daughter, a college Sophomore. She has been struggling with her housing situation –

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Using Net Price Calculators In Your Kid’s College Search

Using net price calculators in your kid’s college search is essential to finding great deals. I originally posted most of the information below back in 2012. It is still as timely and important as it was then. One of the

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Getting a Division 1 Athletic Scholarship

Getting a Division 1 athletic scholarship is not an easy task. However, if your student has this goal, there are definitely tips that will increase his or her chances. A few weeks ago, my youngest daughter, a high school junior, gave

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“Need to Know” FAFSA Information

I’d like to share an opportunity from my friends at  They are holding a two-part FAFSA webinar to educate parents on everything they need to know about FAFSA.  Full details are below: Critical Information You Need To File Your

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