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The Dos and Don’ts of Admission Preparation

This is a guest post from Amanda Wilks.  Read more about her at the bottom of the post. These days, whether high school graduates should go to college is a hotly contested issue, largely due to the rising costs of

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Prepare for College Application Time

If you have a rising high school senior, summer is when you should start to prepare for college application time.  Before you know it, senior year will be starting and classes, activities and college applications will be in full swing.  While your

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Use Summer for ACT Prep

A great way for your high school student to be productive this summer is to use summer for ACT prep (or SAT prep if your student is planning to try out the new SAT test).  There are many different resources

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The Power of the First College Acceptance

A large envelope came in the mail the other day.  The graphics on the outside gave away the message inside, but I handed it to my daughter to open.  She showed no reaction until she read the letter inside and

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College Search Spreadsheet – New and Improved!

As my middle daughter and I get organized for college application time this Fall, I have been revising my College Search Spreadsheet template to be useful throughout all parts of the college choice process:  college search, college applications, and college

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Get Great College Recommendation Letters

If you have a high school senior who will be working on college applications this fall, one important thing he or she needs to know is how to get great college recommendation letters.  There are a few simple tips that

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Creating an Activity Resume

Is your student prepared to list out all activities, awards, and experiences for college applications? Even if your student is not a rising senior, I recommend starting an activity resume now and updating it as he or she gets closer

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Finding Your U – A Book Review

Recently, I was offered an advance copy of “Finding Your U – Navigating the College Admission Process,” by Katrin Muir Lau and Judith Widener Muir in hopes that I would be willing to write a book review.  I am always

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How to Improve Your ACT Score or SAT Score

As parents, we want to see our children succeed and it burdens us greatly when they struggle.  One of the most frustrating things for a parent of a high school student is to watch him or her wrestle with the

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Spring of Junior Year – It’s All About the Grades!

The single most important thing in the spring of junior year for your college-bound student is getting good grades.  These are the latest grades that will get sent in with most college applications. College admissions officers consistently cite grades in

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