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Is Sophomore Year Too Early To Start A College Search?

Is Sophomore year too early to start a college search?  There are varying opinions on this.  I could argue either way with respect to actually starting the search for potential colleges in earnest.  However, there are definitely Sophomore year college

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Best College Search Resources for 2017

Looking for the best college search resources to help you and your student figure out a plan for applying to colleges?  Here is my roundup of the best college search resources to use in 2017. CollegeData Website – CollegeData is a

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Best College Search Websites To Find Potential Colleges

The best college search websites to find potential colleges are the ones that are most flexible with how you can search. Most college search websites all allow you to search by the following: Location (State, Region or Miles From Home)

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College Search Tips for Juniors

Now is a good time to share college search tips for juniors in high school.  The seniors should be past the college search process and in the midst of the college application process.  It is time then for juniors to

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The College Search for Athletes

The college search for athletes is usually different than for non-athletes, but a similar search process can be followed.  I’m going to share tips for how to help a student athlete who wants to play sports in college kick off his or

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Best Ways to Choose A College

There are several best ways to choose a college depending on the student and family’s priorities, preferences and limitations.  I believe that it is best to look at “fit”, but there are several different types of “fit”.  Let’s explore each

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What Is A “Financial Safety” School?

A “financial safety” school is a college that you know your family can afford.  It is always a good idea to have your student put at least one of these on his or her college list.  I am going to

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The College Search Process – Closure Phase

The last phase of the college search process is the Closure Phase.  As I write this, it is the time of year for the Execution Phase, which was the topic of last week’s post.  However, it is helpful to look

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The College Search Process – Execution Phase

This week we are focusing on the Execution Phase of the college search process.  This is where all the prep work comes together and students start applying to colleges.  For the incoming high school senior class, the Execution Phase starts

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The College Search Process – Planning & Requirements Phase

This week I am going to continue to talk about the college search process, focusing on the “Planning & Requirements” phase.  A couple weeks ago, I started a series of posts on helping your student through the college search process

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