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Wait For Your Financial Aid Award Letter!

Make sure you wait for your financial aid award letter before setting your heart on a particular college. That is, unless you can pay sticker price for the school without any merit-based aid or need-based aid. I heard a sad

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Free Tuition at Harvard: One Parent’s Story

Last week, I wrote about who gets free tuition to an Ivy League school in Can You Get Free Ivy League Tuition?  This week, in keeping with the same topic, I want to share some insight from a parent whose son

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Can You Get Free Ivy League Tuition?

Some families can get free ivy league tuition.  This isn’t as widely known as it should be.  Ivy league schools, and many of the other “top tier” colleges, have huge endowments and offer excellent financial aid programs. First, let me be

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Best Colleges for Need-Based Financial Aid

The best colleges for need-based financial aid are ones that pledge to meet a high percentage of a family’s “need”.  In fact, there are 66 colleges around the U.S. that pledge to meet an applicant’s full financial need.  I found

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Front-Loaded Financial Aid – How Will You Know?

Have you heard about front-loaded financial aid? This is where a college attracts your student by offering a great financial aid package for the first year and then drops aid off for subsequent years. Is this something you need to

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FAFSA Changes are Coming – Will They Help You?

FAFSA changes were announced this week that will impact students applying for aid for 2017-2018, including this year’s high school juniors applying for college admission for Fall of 2017. As most of you know, FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal

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Are You Too Wealthy for Financial Aid?

How do you know if you are too wealthy for financial aid?  The answer is, there’s no easy answer!  Generally speaking, most schools will not give need-based financial aid to families making $150,000 or more per year, but there are

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Determining Your Eligibility for Need-Based Financial Aid

Last week, I talked about non-need based scholarships your student may be eligible for.  This week, I want to cover the other major type of college money: need-based financial aid. Who May Be Eligible for Need-Based Financial Aid? There are

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Comparing Financial Packages in the College Choice Process

If your child will soon be making the final college choice, it’s time to prepare to compare financial offers.  That is, of course, unless you don’t need to worry about the price difference between schools. As you review acceptances, scholarship

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Finding the Best Deals on Colleges

For three mornings this week, I spoke to groups of parents and students at the local high school about the college search process.  When I spoke to high school juniors and their parents, I stressed that there are several ways

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