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Finding and Winning Private Scholarships

Finding and winning private scholarships can be a complicated process.  Most families dream about getting a full-ride scholarship to college so that they don’t have to pay out of pocket.  The reality is that most full rides come from institutional

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1,225 Major Merit Scholarships – Updated List

Full Ride and Full Tuition Scholarships

The Full Scholarship List, with 1,225 major merit scholarships, is newly updated as of July 31, 2016. I have validated all scholarships on the list, removed some that were no longer offered, corrected any links to the scholarship listings on the

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The Best Institutional Merit Scholarship Resource

Are you familiar with the term “Institutional Merit Scholarship”?  These are the merit scholarships offered directly by colleges to attract the best and brightest, and/or most talented students by offering them what are essentially tuition discounts. While there are institutional

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National Merit Semi-Finalists – Find Major Scholarships

Updated January 2, 2017 – Updates in red. National Merit Finalists are the ones who usually get all the glory and the full ride scholarships.  There are not as many major scholarships for National Merit Semi-Finalists.  But that doesn’t mean

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How to Find College Talent Scholarships

If your student is interested in pursuing a talent like music, art, theater, dance or writing in college you may want to search for applicable college talent scholarships that will give your student “free money” to pursue his or her

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1200 Major Merit Scholarships

For those of us who don’t expect to qualify for need-based aid from colleges and whose college-bound kids are near the top of the class, large merit scholarships are the “holy grail.”  However, it can be difficult to find all

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448 Full Tuition (or better) Academic Scholarships

Parents of college-bound kids dream of full tuition scholarship and full ride scholarships.  For the majority of students, this is not going to become a reality.  Most families are going to need to contribute to the cost of college.  However,

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The Updated Full Scholarship List is Out!

Yesterday, I published an updated Full Scholarship List.  I review the full list twice a year, basically summer and winter, to see what has changed. The Full Scholarship List focuses on large scholarships offered directly by colleges, mostly full-tuition scholarships

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Find Scholarships for High ACT Scores

If your child took the ACT test and scored well, you may wonder, is that worth any extra money for college?  Yes, it certainly can be!  So how do you find scholarships for high ACT scores?  Well, it can be

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Help, We Don’t Have Enough Money for College!

How many of us parents get a rude awakening about college costs when our oldest child is already in high school?  I had no idea how much the price of tuition had increased in the last 30 years!  So we

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