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Wait For Your Financial Aid Award Letter!

Make sure you wait for your financial aid award letter before setting your heart on a particular college. That is, unless you can pay sticker price for the school without any merit-based aid or need-based aid. I heard a sad

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Best Ways to Choose A College

There are several best ways to choose a college depending on the student and family’s priorities, preferences and limitations.  I believe that it is best to look at “fit”, but there are several different types of “fit”.  Let’s explore each

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Managing Your Kid’s College Search

Managing your kid’s college search is not as scary or as invasive as it may sound.  This will be my first post in a multi-part series all about managing your kid’s college search.  I have a background in project management

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The Problem with the New SAT Test

The problem with the new SAT test is that it is “new”.  No, I didn’t find some big inherent flaw in the test itself.  I just know that having a brand new test can create a big issue for students in

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How to Find College Talent Scholarships

If your student is interested in pursuing a talent like music, art, theater, dance or writing in college you may want to search for applicable college talent scholarships that will give your student “free money” to pursue his or her

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1200 Major Merit Scholarships

For those of us who don’t expect to qualify for need-based aid from colleges and whose college-bound kids are near the top of the class, large merit scholarships are the “holy grail.”  However, it can be difficult to find all

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Taking the SAT one final time in hopes for a higher Math score?

This is a guest post from Jung S. Rhee of  He offers a unique perspective on studying for the current SAT Math test. Standardized testing has an inherent weakness: among every administration of the test, each must be of

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Is Your High School Senior Sick of High School?

For those of us with a high school senior, it’s the start of their last semester of high school.  They feel like they have seen it all and done it all and it’s now time to fly.  Most college-bound seniors

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College Fit – Sometimes You Just Know

At this point during senior year of high school, college-bound kids and their parents are focused on college fit.  A lot of kids ask, “How will I know what college is right for me?”  A lot of parents stress out when

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The Importance of the “In-Depth” College Visit

This week, my daughter and I are driving to one of her top two college choices for an “in-depth” college visit.  My idea of an in-depth visit usually includes sitting in on a class, looking at the specific requirements and

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