College is EXPENSIVE!

Are There Really Scholarships That Can Make It Affordable?

  • Are you overwhelmed by the current price for four years of tuition, room & board?
  • Are you expecting not to qualify for any need-based aid, or not enough?
  •  Is your "college fund" going to come up short?  (Or are you saying "What college fund?")

Hi, I'm Wendy Nelson, founder of My Kid's College Choice. I'm a mom who has experienced this frustration.

When my oldest daughter started her college search, I went into Panic Mode!

  • I couldn't believe the sticker price for a year of college.
  • I found out that $50 a month since age 2 didn't amount to much in the college savings account.​
  • I ran the FAFSAforecaster and found out that need-based financial aid was not an option.

I needed to find large scholarships that weren't based on financial need.  

I needed to find scholarships that my kid had a realistic chance of receiving.

Then I discovered

Institutional Merit Scholarships.

Institutional Merit Scholarships are merit-based scholarships offered directly by colleges across the country to attract top students.

There Are Many Colleges in the U.S. That Offer Full Tuition and Full Ride Scholarships
(up to and exceeding the Full Cost Of Attendance!)

I decided to put all of these full tuition and full ride institutional merit scholarships into a spreadsheet to share with other families.

  • The spreadsheet is sortable and filterable.
    It is an Excel spreadsheet that can be sorted by state, by college, by scholarship amount and any other column on the spreadsheet.
  • The spreadsheet can be filtered by scholarship type.
    Find automatic scholarships that are offered to all students who meet the criteria,  find competitive scholarships where your student competes against others, find scholarships for special talents like music, art and dance, scholarships for National Merit Finalists/Semi-Finalists, Valedictorians, and more.
  • I include important details about the schools.
    The school's yearly tuition is included so you can see how much a "full tuition" or "full ride" scholarship was worth.  The school's acceptance rate is included so you can see how hard it will be to get accepted.  The mid-50% ACT and SAT score ranges are included so you can see how your student stacks up against admitted students.


Lists 1,548 major merit scholarships offered by 724 colleges across the U.S. - last updated and published January 30, 2018

The Full Scholarship List 5.2 is downloadable, searchable and filterable.

  1. You receive access to all list updates for a year: I publish two major updates per year, summer and end of year, to try to catch all the changes that schools make to their scholarship offerings.  I also publish smaller updates periodically.  You receive an email with a link to download every updated version for one year from your purchase date.
  2. Link to the college website: Each scholarship listed has a link to the full scholarship details on the school's website.
  3. Filter for the scholarships that apply to your student: You can filter by minimum GPA required for the scholarship, minimum ACT or SAT required for the scholarship, State, Scholarship Type, Scholarship Amount, and more.

What Buyers Are Saying

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“I figured that high of an ACT score had to be worth something.”

Thanks for putting that scholarship list together. Our daughter was really indifferent about college, partly because of the cost estimates from the few colleges she checked out, and it was really frustrating me. She got a 34 on her ACT and around a 3.1 cumulative GPA. I figured that high of an ACT score had to be worth something. Finally I did a Google search for Scholarships for a high ACT score and came across your site ... From that I found that she should qualify for free out-of-state tuition at Ole Miss with her score and GPA, and it had a strong international studies and foreign language program which is what she was interested in. I called admissions the next day to see if it was true and it was. She applied and got accepted with full tuition award plus an extra $1000! We just scheduled her Freshman Orientation session and we couldn’t be happier. Thanks again! - Steve B.

“I have been having periodic freak outs regarding college expenses ..."

"Thanks so much for this list! As a parent of a rising senior- I have been having periodic freak outs regarding college expenses around the corner! But, seeing the opportunities for her with her ACT scores, and potential to be a National Merit scorer, I am much relieved!" - Karan

John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

"We were pleased to see even more scholarships listed on the newest version."

Thank you SO much for this excellent Full Scholarship List. I can’t begin to count the number of times we’ve used it over the past several months in search of the right college for our soon-to-be senior daughter. We’ve appreciated the free updates, and we were pleased to see even more scholarships listed on the newest version. - Patti

Full Scholarship List 5.2

Purchase your copy of the Full Scholarship List 5.2 today for only $7.99 and start finding affordable college options!


A Couple More Comments From Past Purchasers

Gail D. 

Thank you Wendy for this valuable resource for our students. I know it took a lot of time and effort to research and seek out these opportunities.


I just bought your great spreadsheet and am able to use it on my Mac with a program called Calc. Thank you for all your hard work on this. I will spread the word to other parents I know. This is a very fair price for so much good information!

Wendy Nelson
Creator of Full Scholarship List

About the Author

Hi, I'm Wendy Nelson, creator of the Full Scholarship List and  I am the mother of 3 girls - two already in college, and one in the process of looking at colleges.

I created and the Full Scholarship List out of frustrations with our own college search process.  With my oldest daughter, I spent hundreds of hours searching for what I needed to know.  I wanted to help make it a smoother process for other parents and their college-bound kids.

What You Get When You Purchase the Full Scholarship List 5.2

  • List of 1,548 institutional merit scholarships offered by colleges around the U.S. in the amounts of "full ride", "full tuition", "up to full ride" and "up to full tuition"
  • Downloadable, Searchable, Filterable
  • Scholarships for National Merit/National Achievement/National Hispanic Finalists and Semi-Finalists
  • Talent Scholarships
  • ROTC Scholarships
  • Scholarships for Valedictorians & Salutatorians
  • Automatic & Competitive scholarships based on merit criteria - ACT/SAT scores, GPA, leadership, and more
  • Free access to updates for 1 year
  • College Details - Yearly tuition cost, acceptance rate, mid-50% ACT & SAT scores
  • Link to full scholarship details on college website

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there a cost for this list?

What format does the list come in?

Are these "private" scholarships?

I don't want to pay through PayPal.  Is there another option?

Are any of the scholarships on the list need based?

Does the list contain all full-tuition and full-ride scholarships for all colleges in the U.S.?

Why don't I see many of the top ranked schools in the U.S. on the list?

Have more questions?  Email me at  I am happy to answer!

So you have heard about the Full Scholarship List, the benefits it provides and the feedback from a few past purchasers.  Does this sound like a list that will help you make college more affordable for your child?

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