Top College Search Blogs You Should Check Regularly

Published by Wendy Nelson on

In addition to my blog, which I hope you will check regularly, you should keep an eye on the blogs I am listing below.  All are frequently updated with information that will help you in the college search process.

The College Solution – Lynn O’Shaughnessy writes several times a week about topics that anyone involved in the college search process (parents and students) will find extremely helpful.

The Choice Blog – New York Times – Excellent blog covering all pieces of the college admissions process.  Over the past year, they had 8 high school senior guest bloggers who blogged about their college searches.  The only drawback to this blog is that if you are not a New York Times online subscriber, you will be limited to reading 10 articles per month.

Do It Yourself College Rankings – Michelle Kretzschmar highlights colleges that fall on her “50-50 List” (accept at least 50% of applicants and 50% of applicants graduate in 4 years), talks about college sports recruiting, most specifically for baseball, has a spreadsheet pre-filled with college data that you can purchase, and writes about general college search topics.  If you sign up for her updates, you will receive daily emails with helpful tips and links to articles from other sources.

adMission Possible – Marjorie Hansen Shaevitz writes a college info blog for The Huffington Post.  She usually writes new posts a few times a month and has a great website too.

The Collegiate Blog – All of the blog posts are written by students who have been through the college search process within the last four years.  The posts are geared to the student, not the parents, but can be helpful reads for either.

College Direction – Susie Watts is a private college counselor based in Denver, Colorado.  She updates her blog about once a week with advice on topics related to college admissions.

Educated Quest – Stuart Nachbar profiles colleges, mostly in the eastern United States, and shares tips for the college search process.