My Kid’s College Choice is One Year Old!

Published by Wendy Nelson on

BalloonsI hit a milestone this week with My Kid’s College Choice.  It was on August 26, 2012 that I wrote my first Welcome post.  The site has come a long way in the past year, especially for someone who had no prior website experience!  First, I want to take a few minutes to celebrate the success of the site so far in helping parents through the college choice process.  Then, I want to tell you all the great things I have planned for the next year!

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My Most Downloaded College Search Resource:

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Starting this website has also given me the opportunity to write articles for college parents on the college blog.  You can find links to my recent articles here:  My Outside Articles.

Future Plans for My Kid’s College Choice

Things I currently have in the works include:

  • Finishing the list of colleges offering full-ride and full-tuition scholarships I referred to in Can My Kid Get a Full-Ride Scholarship?
  • A new and improved college search spreadsheet that allows you to keep track of everything you need during the college search and college application process
  • A “Start Here” page to take parents on the journey through the college choice process
  • Continuing to update the layout and format of the site to provide more value to site visitors

Thank you for making my site a part of your college choice journey!  Please take a minute to leave me a comment.  I would love to have your feedback!  Tell me what you like best about the site and tell me what you would like to see more information on.