Accelerate Your College Search Now!

Published by Wendy Nelson on

Are you the parent of a rising high school junior or senior who feels “behind the game” in the college search process? 

Are you overwhelmed with college options, college costs and terminology? 

Do you need to a quick way to find schools you can afford?

If so, I have a recommendation.  My friend in the college advice business, Michelle Kretzschmar, is offering a new online class starting August 14th that will help you build a list of “best fit” and affordable colleges fast!  You can even take the introductory lessons for free.  hasilyhahzifkphgzzgppqgvl_usermedia

Check out this class on Michelle’s DIY College Rankings website.

Michelle has created an Excel spreadsheet that contains data on over 1,500 colleges.  It is a real time saver in the college search process.  Instead of going to a college search website and plugging in criteria to build a list of schools that may be good for your child, Michelle starts with everything and lets you filter and sort as you narrow down what your child needs in a school.  The DIY College Rankings spreadsheet is filled with reliable data you can use to find the best college deals.

You can purchase the DIY College Rankings spreadsheet for $42 and I believe it will be a tremendous time saver in your college search process.  For just an additional $57 ($99 total cost with coupon code WENDY50), you can take Michelle’s online class for four weeks along with the spreadsheet.  You will learn the following, and more:

  • How to calculate your Expected Family Contribution
  • What types of financial aid are offered to help you afford college
  • What schools will offer the most need-based aid
  • Where to find merit aid
  • How to determine schools that are the best fit for your student
  • How to use the DIY College Rankings spreadsheet effectively

Michelle is offering you this special price for her class starting August 14, 2014 when you sign up using the coupon code WENDY50 I don’t get paid for promoting her class, I just believe in her materials and extensive knowledge on how to find the best college deals.