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A great way for your high school student to be productive this summer is to use summer for ACT prep (or SAT prep if your student is planning to try out the new SAT test).  There are many different resources available to help your student focus and maximize his or her study time.  These resources come in many different price points ranging from about $10 to thousands of dollars.  I have highlighted some of the best ACT prep resources in diferent price points below.

Top ACT Prep Resources

  1. ACT Study Guides

    These are readily available at or your favorite bookstore.  Some of the best are Cracking the ACT from The Princeton Review, Barron’s ACT 36, and Kaplan’s ACT Strategies.  They are available for less than $20 each.  These contain practice tests and can be used anytime and anywhere, at your student’s convenience.

  2. Magoosh Test Prep

    Magoosh is a website devoted to online test prep.  The Magoosh ACT Prep program is an affordable option for the student who is better suited for video lessons than a book to read.  Magoosh has different plans, depending on how long your student has to study, all priced under $100. The plans include individual practice questions and full practice tests and comes with a money-back score improvement guarantee.

  3. Kaplan Test Prep

    Kaplan, a leader in the test prep industry, offers “live” ACT prep either in a classroom or over the internet.  It is a more expensive option, priced at $799 and up, but it is also customized and tailored to your student’s unique needs.

Depending on how much free time your student has this summer, there are effective ACT prep options that will help him or her prepare for a first try at the ACT or help to improve his/her score from a prior ACT.  Summer is a great time for ACT prep during this break from high school course work and can help your student feel prepared for a September ACT test whether he or she is taking it for the first time in Junior year or doing a last attempt at score improvement in fall of Senior year.

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