Best Resources for Athletic Recruiting

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The best resources for athletic recruiting vary from athletic recruiting service websites to school sites and other sites that compile athletic recruiting information.  Of course athletic recruiting services are there to convince you to spend money on their service, but most also have a wealth of information that you can access without charge.

Top Athletic Recruiting Services

Note: It is not recommended to pay for the upgraded versions on these sites or use their extra paid services as college coaches do not place much value in them. It would be better to just do a FREE profile on the sites that offer that and do the rest of the process on your own or with the help of a trusted advisor who knows your sport well.

  1. NCSA – NCSA has loads of free information both on the general athletic recruiting process and for sports-specific criteria and tips.  Your student athlete can also create a profile for free.  NCSA offers fee-based services also.  Once you create a free profile, you will be targeted for fee-based services.  These aren’t for everyone.  Make sure you are full educated before signing up for any services.
  2. – SportsRecruits is a site focused on connecting student athletes with college coaches.  It costs $249 per year for the student athlete to sign up for the minimum level of account with 3 other levels up to $999 per year (prices as of January 2017).  The basic difference is whether or not you get a recruiting consultant and how much they do for you and whether or not the site produces your highlight video.  For the base level, you are on your own.  You create your profile, upload videos and have the ability to search for schools and email schools.  You can also see what schools have viewed your profile and/or video.  Some sports clubs partner with this site to offer it to their members.  For example, my daughter’s volleyball club includes the basic SportsRecruits membership as part of the yearly club fee.  We have found the site to be very useful and really like that we can tell when a school views her profile and video.  The site has a Blog with some helpful articles that non-members can access.
  3. BeRecruited -BeRecruited is another site that offers a free profile and also offers 2 upgraded options.  Again, options vary by how much personal interaction you receive.  The $299 lifetime access level gets you game film evaluation, a 60 minute consultation and a personalized scouting report.


Great Athletic Recruiting Articles

A Great Free Resource

Have you heard of the University Athlete site?  It is the most used resource by college coaches to look up and evaluate student athletes.  Best of all, the coaches pay to use the site, not the players!  I can’t speak specifically to other sports, but in club volleyball, this tool is used at all tournaments that college recruiters attend.  It is a connection tool.  There is no selling of athlete information or promoting of athletes involved.  Your student athlete can register for a free profile, very much like the sites I listed above, but there is actually a greater chance that the recruiters will actually be using the same tool.  You can provide a link to a video.  You can also spend $49 per year for the ability to search schools, take notes on them, and send emails to coaches.  I found this to be worthwhile.  There is a great email writing system where your student can compose a generic email indicating where to insert school specific information.  It makes it easy to send multiple emails prior to an upcoming tournament or showcase.  You can also see who has viewed your email.  Unlike the SportsRecruits site I described above, you cannot see when someone has viewed your profile.

Overall, my recommendation if you have a student athlete interested in athletic recruiting is to do your homework and learn everything you can. Check out some of these best resources for athletic recruiting.  Don’t buy anything yet.

Explore all the free information available on the NCSA site.

Find out if college coaches in your sport are known to use the University Athlete site.

Get tips on creating a recruiting video and create one.

Find out what to put in an athletic resume and create one.

Use a tool to track colleges your student is interested in.  I recommend trying out my free College Search Recruiting Spreadsheet.  It is an Excel spreadsheet template that you can download here.

Most of this can all be done without paying anyone else to do anything for you.