Starting the Athletic Recruiting Process

When starting the athletic recruiting process for college, there are many things you and your student need to know. The athletic recruiting process can get very overwhelming, very fast! I have personal experience with this process, having recently finished it with my youngest daughter. It is important to get up to speed quickly and to separate the “noise” out there from the facts and concentrate on what you really need to know to be successful and help your student find a school where he or she will be happy and successful with athletics, academics and the overall college experience.

To focus on starting the athletic recruiting process successfully, I am sharing posts from an awesome athletic recruiting expert, Coach Renee Lopez.

As a former 14-year college coach, Coach Renee Lopez is an expert on this topic. She is currently the CEO of her own leadership development and coaching education academy consulting service. In addition, she is the author of an upcoming book on the college recruiting process for student athletes, Looking For A FULL RIDE?: An Insider’s Recruiting Guide. Leaning not just on her own experience with the college recruiting process, she interviewed 45 college coaches across different sports for the book and shares her knowledge through recruiting educational programs with families and groups.


First Impressions Matter in Athletic Recruiting

5 Social Media Strategies to Market Yourself to a College Coach

Strategies for Emailing a College Coach

Common Misconceptions about the College Athletic Recruiting Process

How Do I Create a Video for College Coaches?


These articles are really just the “tip of the iceberg” and will give you some things to think about. If you want to dive in deeper and really understand what college recruiting is all about PLUS get your specific questions answered, I am fortunate to have booked Coach Renee Lopez for an Athletic Recruiting Webinar on Tuesday, July 31, 2018 at 7:30 pm Central (daylight savings time). It’s a full 90-minute session that you can attend by computer or phone. She will spend 60 minutes presenting the overview of the athletic recruiting process, while also targeting in on the sports the audience is interested in (we ask your student’s high school year and sport at the time of registration). Then we will take your specific questions for at least 30 minutes (she will stay on longer if there are still questions coming in). If you can’t make it there live, registering will also give you the full recording of the webinar.

I am charging a $10 registration fee to cover the cost of bringing Coach Renee Lopez live online to speak on this topic. I guarantee you will get way more value out of this 90 minutes than the cost to register! And you will save a lot of time compared to searching online for everything you need to know for starting the athletic recruiting process.


Whether you are just starting out OR if you are already in the middle of the athletic recruiting process, Coach Renee Lopez will be able to guide you on where to go next and what to focus on.


As you get started in this process, you will want an easy way to keep track of all the schools, the coaches’ email addresses, and what your last contact was. I created a spreadsheet template for this to use with my own daughter. You can easily customize it for your student and sport. It is available to download for free from my site. If you click here, the Excel template will automatically download for you: College Search Recruiting Spreadsheet.


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