Last Minute College Application Help for High School Seniors

Published by Wendy Nelson on

Checkbox checked with Done written next to itLast minute college application help for high school seniors – It’s Fall of Senior year. Do you know where your Senior’s college applications are? Hopefully your student is on track to meet all deadlines and has cheerfully kept you in the loop along the way. (We all hope for that, right?) However, I know that most parents are dealing with varying levels of stress as their Seniors struggle to effectively juggle homework, extra-curricular activities, (maybe jobs too) and college applications.

For those who are struggling to get through the application essays, I’ve compiled some resources that may be of help.

These first 3 are from a site I like to recommend called Essay Hell:

How to Self-Reflect for College App Essays

How to Write a College Application Essay – In 3 Easy Steps

What Makes a College Application Essay “Great”?


These next few are from another site I like called College Essay Guy:

For the severe procrastinator – How to Write Your College Essay in Just One Night

For the student who has a start, but not an ending – How to End a College Essay: Guide + Examples

For the student who is struggling with how to structure the essay – The Ten Types of Movie (and Personal Statement) Plots


Give Your Senior My 5 Tips for Finishing Apps:

  1. Make sure all deadlines are displayed prominently on a calendar or whiteboard
  2. Line up proofreaders (preferably parent or other trusted adult)
  3. Write out a full activity resume to use when completing online apps
  4. Give recommenders your activity resume to remind them of all you’ve done in high school
  5. Double check that you’ve sent your ACT/SAT scores to all schools you are applying to

Give Your Senior My Top 5 Tips for After the Apps are Done:

  1. Take a break to enjoy the holidays!
  2. Send Thank You notes or gifts to everyone who helped with your applications (recommenders, proofreaders, etc)
  3. Start a concentrated search for private scholarships, especially local ones
  4. Watch for notifications from schools of missing pieces for your apps (either through email or application portals)
  5. Focus energy on finishing out Fall and Spring semesters with great grades (they still count for college admission!)