Merit Scholarship Deep Dive Challenge

Published by Wendy Nelson on

The Merit Scholarship Deep Dive 5-Day Challenge starts Wednesday, August 21. This will be a great opportunity for you to prepare to help your student find great merit scholarships to make college more affordable.

In the 5-Day Challenge, I will walk you through my Merit Scholarship Framework, covering one step each day. You receive an email with information about the topic of the day, a short assignment and a video with even more details. In addition, if you join the Merit Scholarship Deep Dive private Facebook group, you will get access to a daily Facebook Live Q&A session!


The goal of the 5-Day Challenge is to walk you through the steps you need to take to help your student use merit scholarships to pay less for college.

My belief is that busy parents don’t have time for long online courses or sifting through the overwhelming amount of articles online focused on paying less for college. You need quick, targeted information to learn what you need to do and put it into action.

Who Needs the Merit Scholarship Deep Dive 5-Day Challenge?

  • Parents of high school Seniors who haven’t narrowed down to a final list of colleges to apply to yet
  • Parents of high school Juniors and younger who want to get ahead of the game
  • Parents of students with high ACT/SAT scores and high GPA who are likely to qualify for large merit scholarships
  • High income parents who know they won’t qualify for need-based aid
  • Parents who aren’t sure whether their student will qualify for good merit scholarships

At the end of the 5-Day Challenge, we will wrap everything up with a FREE one-hour LIVE Merit Scholarship Deep Dive online training session! Everyone who signs up for the challenge will be invited. This will cover even more detail on merit scholarships.

By the end of the 5-Day Challenge you will understand what types of merit scholarships your student should target, how to easily find the best colleges for merit opportunities and how to find and use private scholarships to supplement.

Sign up today!

(Note: If you sign up after Wednesday, August 21, you will still get access to all the trainings you missed! You just won’t have the LIVE Q&A and training opportunities.)