About Me

About Me:

Hi everyone!  My name is Wendy Nelson.  I am a wife and mother of 3 girls.  I am an IT manager by trade with a background in business analysis and project management, so my natural tendencies are to analyze and organize everything! This proved to be very helpful during the college search process.

We are done with the college search process at my house! My three girls had 3 very different college search processes, but all were quite successful:

  • Daughter #1 – Received a half-tuition scholarship to a highly ranked regional university with a terrific Honors College. Went on to receive a full tuition scholarship to get her Master’s degree and a graduate assistant stipend to cover her living expenses. She also benefited from private scholarships awarded Senior year of high school and during college (all local scholarships).
  • Daughter #2 – Chose our very highly ranked state flagship university. While she did not receive any of the scarce merit aid available through this school, she took a full credit load every semester plus some extra summer and winter term classes to be able to graduate in three years. She also benefited from private scholarships awarded Senior year of high school and during college (all local scholarships). She was able to start her career a year earlier than most of her peers and saved us a whole year of tuition, room and board.
  • Daughter #3 – Received a full-ride athletic scholarship to play Division 1 volleyball.

I started My Kid’s College Choice in 2012, realizing that I could help other parents embarking on the college search process by sharing all of my lessons learned.

I discovered a passion for data, most specifically around all the merit scholarships offered by colleges. I started publishing the Full Scholarship List Excel-based listing of full tuition and full ride scholarships in 2014. In 2015, I decided that families and Independent Educational Consultants (IECs) needed a way to easily search through ALL merit scholarships offered by colleges to find the best deals for their students. I created the Merit Scholarship List site to meet this goal.

In 2021, I joined College Aid Pro because their mission of helping every student find an affordable path to college that maximizes financial aid aligns closely with my own. Joining College Aid Pro allowed me to focus on what I love most, data, and rely on a whole team of people to handle all the other aspects of the business.

I hope you will check us out. We are a fast growing company with so much to offer families and advisors.

If you have questions on this website or College Aid Pro, please reach out to us at support@collegeaidpro.com.