Author: Wendy Nelson

College Outside the U.S. – Is It Cheaper?

College outside the U.S. – Is it cheaper for American students? The answer is, sometimes. There are many important considerations though. I will go through those as well as some of the best countries to look at if your student

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Free Tuition Colleges and Work Colleges

Have you heard of free tuition colleges and work colleges? Both are potential ways to save money on funding your kid’s college education. Some work colleges do offer free tuition, but not all. First, let’s address the term “free tuition”.

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Who Gets Full Ride Scholarships?

Who gets full ride scholarships? Most parents want to know this as wouldn’t we all love not to have to pay for college? In answering this question, the key word is “Top“. Before we go any further in exploring this

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Community Colleges and Guaranteed Transfer Programs

Community colleges and guaranteed transfer programs could be your student’s best deal on an affordable college education. Community colleges aren’t a good fit for every student, but can provide a very affordable first step to a 4-year degree. In addition,

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Public Colleges Can Offer Great Deals

Public colleges can offer great deals compared to private colleges. When you are a college search family “caught in the middle” who won’t qualify for need-based aid, but don’t have enough to pay full price at an expensive school for

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Starting the Athletic Recruiting Process

When starting the athletic recruiting process for college, there are many things you and your student need to know. The athletic recruiting process can get very overwhelming, very fast! I have personal experience with this process, having recently finished it

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ACT vs SAT – Which should your student choose? This is a guest post from Rachel Kapelke-Dale. Read her bio at the bottom of the post. As your student applies to college, one of the biggest decisions he or she

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How Do You Find Merit Scholarships?

How do you find merit scholarships? It depends on what type of merit scholarship you are looking for! In my prior post, Merit Scholarships – Types and Sources, I broke down 3 sources for merit scholarships – Private Sources, States,

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Merit Scholarships – Types and Sources

Merit scholarships can be one of the best ways to make college affordable, especially if your family will not qualify for need-based aid. It is important to know the different types and sources of merit scholarships available. Just to be

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Reduce the Cost of College: Get College Credit Before College

One of the best ways to reduce the cost of college is to get college credit before college. This can be done while your student is still in high school or during summers. This past weekend, my middle daughter, who