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I Hope This Isn’t Your Kid’s College Experience!

I have taken a couple weeks off from writing a new post.  The first week, I was out of the country on an amazing company-sponsored trip.  It made me feel very fortunate to be where I am today and it

Make Sure Your High School Graduate Doesn’t Forget

Today I’m writing about things you should make sure your high school graduate doesn’t forget to do.  These aren’t the big obvious things like dorm shopping.  They are the little things that are easy brushed to the side and forgotten

The Second Year of College and Selecting a Major

This past week, we took our oldest daughter back for her second year of college.  It was a good drop off.  I was glad to have the first year separation over and done as the second year drop off was

Think For the Future In Your College Housing Decision

This is a guest post from Stuart Nachbar, President of  Check out his website for great in-depth articles that will help you in your college search. Choosing a college is very difficult for many reasons, not the least of

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The End Result of the College Choice Process

I think the college choice process officially ends the day you drive your son or daughter to college for the first time.  I had been imagining this day for the past couple months.  As we got closer to move-in day,

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Preparing for the Transition to College

In less than six weeks, my husband and I will pack our oldest daughter up for college and drop her off.  We will not get to participate in the scheduled move-in day with all the associated busyness and fanfare of

Did I Make the Right College Choice?

Today I am sharing a guest post from Brittany Shaffer. She is a junior in college, studying Business and Communications. She’s also the founder of College Junction, a resource for college students with tips about dorm life, saving money, finding

Got Textbooks?

So your child is headed to college in the fall.  Have you heard how much textbooks will cost?  $150 for one shiny new hardcover textbook is now the norm at the campus bookstore.  Multiply that by about five classes and

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Federal Tax Breaks for College Parents

Once my oldest daughter had decided on a college and I knew writing tuition checks would be in my near future, I decided to research federal tax breaks for college parents.  Finding this information was not as straight forward as

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