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Last Minute College Application Help for High School Seniors

Last minute college application help for high school seniors – It’s Fall of Senior year. Do you know where your Senior’s college applications are? Hopefully your student is on track to meet all deadlines and has cheerfully kept you in

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College Outside the U.S. – Is It Cheaper?

College outside the U.S. – Is it cheaper for American students? The answer is, sometimes. There are many important considerations though. I will go through those as well as some of the best countries to look at if your student

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ACT vs SAT – Which should your student choose? This is a guest post from Rachel Kapelke-Dale. Read her bio at the bottom of the post. As your student applies to college, one of the biggest decisions he or she

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Full Tuition Merit Scholarship – A Success Story

I’d like to share a full tuition merit scholarship success story today. A mother recently emailed me to let me know about her daughter winning a great full tuition scholarship for Fall of 2018. I was thrilled to hear her

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It’s December – What Should Your College-Bound Senior Be Doing Now?

It’s December.  What should your college-bound senior be doing now? It’s time to transition from college applications to college selection. With the new year will come the push to maximize your student’s merit and/or need-based aid. Here is a list

The Dos and Don’ts of Admission Preparation

This is a guest post from Amanda Wilks.  Read more about her at the bottom of the post. These days, whether high school graduates should go to college is a hotly contested issue, largely due to the rising costs of

Prepare for College Application Time

If you have a rising high school senior, summer is when you should start to prepare for college application time.  Before you know it, senior year will be starting and classes, activities and college applications will be in full swing.  While your

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The Problem with the New SAT Test

The problem with the new SAT test is that it is “new”.  No, I didn’t find some big inherent flaw in the test itself.  I just know that having a brand new test can create a big issue for students in

Use Summer for ACT Prep

A great way for your high school student to be productive this summer is to use summer for ACT prep (or SAT prep if your student is planning to try out the new SAT test).  There are many different resources

Taking the SAT one final time in hopes for a higher Math score?

This is a guest post from Jung S. Rhee of  He offers a unique perspective on studying for the current SAT Math test. Standardized testing has an inherent weakness: among every administration of the test, each must be of