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Why SAT and ACT Tutoring Makes Sense, Even for Smart Students

This post is a reprint from Danh Le of Underground Academy.  Underground Academy specializes in individual online PSAT, SAT and ACT tutoring.  I think this approach makes sense and I am going to try it for my middle daughter.  As Danh

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B+ Grades, A+ College Application – A Book Review

Don’t let the title of the latest book by Joie Jager-Hyman, EdD, fool you.  B+ Grades, A+ College Application is a book that can help anyone entering the college application process.  Although she bills it for “average students” and those

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ACT Test Prep – Time to Start for Fall!

If you have a rising high school Junior who is planning to take the ACT test, it is time to start thinking about ACT test preparation, if you haven’t already.  The same goes for rising Seniors who are seeking one

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Dos and Don’ts for Your Kid’s College Choice Process

I am excited about the below guest post from Joie Jager-Hyman.  I am currently reading Dr. Jager-Hyman’s new book, B+ Grades, A+ College Application and I highly recommend it.  See her full bio at the end of her guest post

Top Colleges – Waitlists, Acceptance Rates and Yields

Earlier this year, I wrote a post about my daughter’s experience with getting waitlisted by The University of Chicago.  You can read it here, The Pros and Cons of Being Waitlisted.  I want to circle back to the waitlist topic

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Parents of High School Juniors – Prepare for Senior Year!

Do you have a high school Junior who is soon to be a Senior?  If so, you need to be prepared for your student’s senior year of high school.  It will be a rough one!  There will be ups, there

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Didn’t Make a College Choice Yet? There are Still Options

My daughter, a high school senior, came home recently and said she had a friend who not only hadn’t selected a college yet, but hadn’t even applied.  She assumed that his only option left would be to attend a local

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The Pros and Cons of Being Waitlisted

Yesterday, my daughter and thousands of other applicants received their Regular Decision results from The University of Chicago.  She, along with thousands of others, was waitlisted.  It was another record year for UChicago – over 30,000 applicants for approximately 1,500

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The College Choice Waiting Game

It’s late January.  My daughter has finished all of her applications.  We are waiting for a scholarship competition, two overnight campus visits, an admissions interview (one very competitive school lets kids visit after the application deadline up until a cut-off

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What Do College Admissions Offices Look for in Applicants?

In your college search, wouldn’t it be nice to have a better idea of what a college is looking for from its applicants before you apply?  As far as overall industry-wide information, the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) publishes a

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