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Starting the Athletic Recruiting Process

When starting the athletic recruiting process for college, there are many things you and your student need to know. The athletic recruiting process can get very overwhelming, very fast! I have personal experience with this process, having recently finished it

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Getting a Division 1 Athletic Scholarship

Getting a Division 1 athletic scholarship is not an easy task. However, if your student has this goal, there are definitely tips that will increase his or her chances. A few weeks ago, my youngest daughter, a high school junior, gave

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Best Resources for Athletic Recruiting

The best resources for athletic recruiting vary from athletic recruiting service websites to school sites and other sites that compile athletic recruiting information.  Of course athletic recruiting services are there to convince you to spend money on their service, but

The College Search for Athletes

The college search for athletes is usually different than for non-athletes, but a similar search process can be followed.  I’m going to share tips for how to help a student athlete who wants to play sports in college kick off his or

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