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College Outside the U.S. – Is It Cheaper?

College outside the U.S. – Is it cheaper for American students? The answer is, sometimes. There are many important considerations though. I will go through those as well as some of the best countries to look at if your student

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Public Colleges Can Offer Great Deals

Public colleges can offer great deals compared to private colleges. When you are a college search family “caught in the middle” who won’t qualify for need-based aid, but don’t have enough to pay full price at an expensive school for

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College Search Parents – Match Your Approach With Your Student

College search parents, this is for you. I often see posts in college search parent groups about not doing everything for your student and people griping about students who are overly “coddled”. My opinion is that you must match your

College Search: When Do GPA & Test Scores Matter Most?

In the college search process, when do GPA and test scores matter most? I believe there are two places where GPA and ACT or SAT scores matter most – determining the student’s college list and qualifying for merit scholarships. Overall

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5 New Year College Search Steps for High School Juniors

There are specific new year college search steps for high school juniors. If you are the parent of a high school Junior, it’s currently the start of the second semester of Junior year. This is a crucial time in the

Can You Ask A College For More Scholarship Money?

Can you ask a college for more scholarship money? Most often, the answer is “Yes, it never hurts to ask.” When it comes to asking for more scholarship money, there seem to be three different types of colleges: Colleges that

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Why Choose A College You Can’t Afford?

There are many ways to avoid choosing a college you can’t afford, but it does take some work. First, let’s take a look at why some families do choose a college they can’t afford. Why (Would You) Choose a College

Upside Down College Search – Finding Your Deals

Finding your deals is the point in the Upside Down College Search process where you determine colleges that are likely to meet the criteria you have defined and will be a good deal for your family.  Over the past several weeks,

What Does Your Student “Need” In a College?

What does your student “need” in a college?  Now is the time to separate “wants” and “needs”. This is the third article in the series that breaks down the Upside Down College Search concept I first introduced in “A Better

What’s Your Student’s Merit Hook?

What’s your student’s merit hook for the college search process? I am not going to go so far as to say that every future college student has a merit hook, but most do. Even if your student is not at