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Community Colleges and Guaranteed Transfer Programs

Community colleges and guaranteed transfer programs could be your student’s best deal on an affordable college education. Community colleges aren’t a good fit for every student, but can provide a very affordable first step to a 4-year degree. In addition,

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When Your Kid’s College Choice is Wrong

What do you do when your kid’s college choice is wrong? My short answer is, it depends on your kid. We spent the weekend with our middle daughter, a college Sophomore. She has been struggling with her housing situation –

I Hope This Isn’t Your Kid’s College Experience!

I have taken a couple weeks off from writing a new post.  The first week, I was out of the country on an amazing company-sponsored trip.  It made me feel very fortunate to be where I am today and it

Can Your Child Graduate College in 4 Years?

This week, one of my favorite college-subject authors, Lynn O’Shaughnessy, wrote an article on Why Your Child Won’t Graduate From College on Time.  This got me thinking about the factors that increase your child’s chances of being able to graduate

When My Child Wants to Take Online Classes

I am pleased to share a guest post from Jessica Socheski today.  Jessica Socheski is a freelance writer who cares about education. You can find her on Twitter. Parents are often called upon to provide their kids with advice, whether

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Think For the Future In Your College Housing Decision

This is a guest post from Stuart Nachbar, President of  Check out his website for great in-depth articles that will help you in your college search. Choosing a college is very difficult for many reasons, not the least of

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Resume Building in College for Career Success in the Future

For something a little different, here is a guest post from Jessica Socheski offering tips for your student to build a good foundation in college for future career success. One of the biggest questions at graduation is, “What’s next?” For

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Can My Kid Be a Walk On for College Sports?

Last week, I shared a great guest post from Chuck Self on Questions High Schoolers Should Ask College Coaches in the Recruiting Process.  This week, I’d like to talk about students who want to play sports in college, but are

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The End Result of the College Choice Process

I think the college choice process officially ends the day you drive your son or daughter to college for the first time.  I had been imagining this day for the past couple months.  As we got closer to move-in day,

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Is College Choice All About Return on Investment?

Last week, I wrote a post in response to former Secretary of Education, William Bennett’s statement that only 150 colleges in the United States were worth the investment.  You can read it here:  College ROI – Only 150 Colleges in

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