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How to Choose a College Major

How to choose a college major – this topic is aimed more at students than parents, so please share the concepts with your child. I will start by giving you, as the parent, some things to keep in mind. Then

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Reduce the Cost of College: Get College Credit Before College

One of the best ways to reduce the cost of college is to get college credit before college. This can be done while your student is still in high school or during summers. This past weekend, my middle daughter, who

It’s December – What Should Your College-Bound Senior Be Doing Now?

It’s December.  What should your college-bound senior be doing now? It’s time to transition from college applications to college selection. With the new year will come the push to maximize your student’s merit and/or need-based aid. Here is a list

Summer College Search Activities for High School Students

There are several summer college search activities for high school students that your high schooler should be focused on. These depend on what year in high school your student will be in the fall.  I am going to focus on

College Search Tips for Juniors

Now is a good time to share college search tips for juniors in high school.  The seniors should be past the college search process and in the midst of the college application process.  It is time then for juniors to

Determining Your Senior Year Class Schedule

Many high school juniors, preparing to determine their senior year class schedule, are asking, “What classes should I take senior year?”  They are worried about getting the senior year class schedule just right.  Too tough a course load and grades could

Is Your High School Senior Sick of High School?

For those of us with a high school senior, it’s the start of their last semester of high school.  They feel like they have seen it all and done it all and it’s now time to fly.  Most college-bound seniors

Transition Time in the College Search Process

May 1, National Decision Day, has just passed.  That causes a transition time in the college search process.  High school seniors drop out of the process.  They have finished the college search and college selection.  They are on their way to

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Spring of Junior Year – It’s All About the Grades!

The single most important thing in the spring of junior year for your college-bound student is getting good grades.  These are the latest grades that will get sent in with most college applications. College admissions officers consistently cite grades in

Can Your Child Graduate College in 4 Years?

This week, one of my favorite college-subject authors, Lynn O’Shaughnessy, wrote an article on Why Your Child Won’t Graduate From College on Time.  This got me thinking about the factors that increase your child’s chances of being able to graduate