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When Your Kid’s College Choice is Wrong

What do you do when your kid’s college choice is wrong? My short answer is, it depends on your kid. We spent the weekend with our middle daughter, a college Sophomore. She has been struggling with her housing situation –

Wait For Your Financial Aid Award Letter!

Make sure you wait for your financial aid award letter before setting your heart on a particular college. That is, unless you can pay sticker price for the school without any merit-based aid or need-based aid. I heard a sad

Resources for Making the Final College Choice

Making the final college choice is a difficult decision for a student and his or her family.  Here are some resources to help. Your student has visited schools, filled out applications, waited patiently, and now the decisions are coming in.

Best Ways to Choose A College

There are several best ways to choose a college depending on the student and family’s priorities, preferences and limitations.  I believe that it is best to look at “fit”, but there are several different types of “fit”.  Let’s explore each

Finishing the College Search

For my oldest daughter, finishing the college search came down to choosing between two schools.  I gave tips on how to do that here: The Final College Choice – Choosing Between Two Colleges. This year, for my middle daughter, finishing the

College Fit – Sometimes You Just Know

At this point during senior year of high school, college-bound kids and their parents are focused on college fit.  A lot of kids ask, “How will I know what college is right for me?”  A lot of parents stress out when

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Final College Decision Resources

Since it is getting down to final college decision time for high school seniors, I thought I’d point out some resources that can help you and your student in the final decision process. One of the most important parts of

Your Kid’s College Choice

It’s that time of year again.  If you are the parent of a college-bound high school senior, it is getting to be time for your kid’s final college choice.  Financial aid offers and final college acceptances should be arriving soon.

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The Final College Choice – Choosing Between Two Colleges

Within the past week, my daughter has managed to narrow down to two college options, I’ll call them School A and School B.  It was looking like an easy choice to go with School A, based on the bottom-line out

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Making the Final College Choice

It’s March, a key month for college acceptances and financial aid packages, leading up to the May 1 “National College Decision Day,” so it seems like a good time to talk about high school seniors making the final college choice. 

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