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Merit Scholarships Make College More Affordable

Merit scholarships make college more affordable, especially for those families who will not qualify for need-based aid. If you don’t know yet if you qualify for need-based financial aid, read Will We Qualify for Need-Based Financial Aid?  If you are familiar

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Free Tuition Colleges and Work Colleges

Have you heard of free tuition colleges and work colleges? Both are potential ways to save money on funding your kid’s college education. Some work colleges do offer free tuition, but not all. First, let’s address the term “free tuition”.

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Who Gets Full Ride Scholarships?

Who gets full ride scholarships? Most parents want to know this as wouldn’t we all love not to have to pay for college? In answering this question, the key word is “Top“. Before we go any further in exploring this

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How Do You Find Merit Scholarships?

How do you find merit scholarships? It depends on what type of merit scholarship you are looking for! In my prior post, Merit Scholarships – Types and Sources, I broke down 3 sources for merit scholarships – Private Sources, States,

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Merit Scholarships – Types and Sources

Merit scholarships can be one of the best ways to make college affordable, especially if your family will not qualify for need-based aid. It is important to know the different types and sources of merit scholarships available. Just to be

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Full Tuition Merit Scholarship – A Success Story

I’d like to share a full tuition merit scholarship success story today. A mother recently emailed me to let me know about her daughter winning a great full tuition scholarship for Fall of 2018. I was thrilled to hear her

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College Search: When Do GPA & Test Scores Matter Most?

In the college search process, when do GPA and test scores matter most? I believe there are two places where GPA and ACT or SAT scores matter most – determining the student’s college list and qualifying for merit scholarships. Overall

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Common Myths about Private Scholarships: Tips from a Scholarship Expert

After hunting for the best merit scholarships possible directly from the colleges, you and your child may find leftover expenses that are not covered. Whether your child needs extra money to cover tuition, books, or other expenses, the next step

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How to Find Merit Scholarships

This post is no longer available, but I have many others on the topic of merit scholarships! Please check out the following posts instead: Merit Scholarships – Types and Sources How Do You Find Merit Scholarships Who Gets Full Ride

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The Updated Full Tuition/Full Ride Merit Scholarship List

This post was first published in September 2017. If you are reading this in 2018, the latest version of the list, version 5.3, was published on 4-29-18. The next full update to version 6.0 will be published in Summer of