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Wait For Your Financial Aid Award Letter!

Make sure you wait for your financial aid award letter before setting your heart on a particular college. That is, unless you can pay sticker price for the school without any merit-based aid or need-based aid. I heard a sad

Managing Your Kid’s College Search

Managing your kid’s college search is not as scary or as invasive as it may sound.  This will be my first post in a multi-part series all about managing your kid’s college search.  I have a background in project management

Applying to “No Essay” Colleges

There are lots of articles and websites devoted to helping your student prepare to write college application essays, but what if a school he or she is applying to doesn’t require an essay?  Applying to “no essay” colleges is a

What is a Good ACT Score?

Parents and students often wonder about what ACT score or SAT score is considered “good.”  The answer is, that depends.  Today, I am going to focus on ACT scores.  The answer to what is a good ACT score will vary

College Preparation Timelines – Is Your Student on Track?

Wondering whether you are on target for preparing your high school student for college?  There are some great college preparation timelines you can use as guides. Here are some options to check out: adMission Possible – Marjorie Hansen Shaevitz has

Competing for Full-Ride Scholarships

The majority of full-ride scholarships and full-tuition scholarships offered directly by colleges are competitive, meaning they aren’t automatically offered to all students meeting certain GPA and ACT/SAT criteria.  On my Full Scholarship List, almost 300 of the current 440 scholarships

Spring College Choice Tips for Parents of High School Sophomores

Last week, I gave Spring College Choice Tips for Parents of High School Juniors.  This week, I am focusing on college choice tips for parents of high school sophomores. High School Sophomores If you have a sophomore, now is the

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Launching The Full Scholarship List

My spare-time project for the last six months, The Full Scholarship List, will launch this weekend.  I am very excited about it!  It will be the most comprehensive listing of full-ride and full-tuition scholarships available online. Update:  The Full Scholarship

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College Search Planning for the New Year

I heard from a mother recently whose family had just moved to a new state and she was told that her son had enough credits to graduate early.  He had a knock-out ACT score and was looking for a top-tier

Happy New Year from My Kid’s College Choice!

2013 was a big year for me in many ways.  Two of those relate directly to My Kid’s College Choice: 1) Our oldest daughter went off to college.  I wrote about that experience in The End Result of the College

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