Download My Free College Search Spreadsheet!

Here is a great tool to help you in your college search! I initially created this spreadsheet when we first started gathering college options for my first kid’s college choice process.

I have recently revised the spreadsheet to make it even more useful throughout the whole college choice process.  You can keep track of all the colleges that you want to consider and the pertinent details for each one.  Then, when you are preparing for college application time, you can track everything you need for each school.  Finally, when admission decisions, merit scholarship offers and financial aid packages start arriving, you can compare the details for each.

Download Spreadsheet Now

Here is the original post I wrote about how to create your college search spreadsheet:  Organize Your College Search.

Here is a post explaining the new fields added to the first tab of the college search spreadsheet:  College Search Spreadsheet – New & Improved!

College Search Spreadsheet

Download Spreadsheet Now





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  3. […] Download My Free College Search Spreadsheet! […]

  4. […] Download My Free College Search Spreadsheet! […]

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