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ACT vs SAT – Which should your student choose? This is a guest post from Rachel Kapelke-Dale. Read her bio at the bottom of the post. As your student applies to college, one of the biggest decisions he or she

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Why SAT and ACT Tutoring Makes Sense, Even for Smart Students

This post is a reprint from Danh Le of Underground Academy.  Underground Academy specializes in individual online PSAT, SAT and ACT tutoring.  I think this approach makes sense and I am going to try it for my middle daughter.  As Danh

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ACT Test Prep – Time to Start for Fall!

If you have a rising high school Junior who is planning to take the ACT test, it is time to start thinking about ACT test preparation, if you haven’t already.  The same goes for rising Seniors who are seeking one

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Mom’s Perspective – Lessons Learned in the College Search

If I had it to do over again, and I will with two more children, there are things I would do differently in the college search process.  Here are a few of them: Encourage my child to take both the

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