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College Search Spreadsheet – Part 2

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about my new and improved college search spreadsheet.  I explained what was added to the first tab to help you and your student identify potential colleges and track college applications.  Today, I want to

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College Search Spreadsheet – New and Improved!

As my middle daughter and I get organized for college application time this Fall, I have been revising my College Search Spreadsheet template to be useful throughout all parts of the college choice process:  college search, college applications, and college

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Tracking Potential Colleges on a College Search Spreadsheet

Keeping track of potential colleges is one of the most overwhelming things when your high school student is starting to think about college.  Your student mentions schools he or she might be interested in, you think of schools you would

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My Top 10 College Search Information Websites – Updated

College Data – This site has become my favorite place for doing college search research.  It has great data to help with your college search. There is a very unique college search tool and College Chances Calculator.  The college search

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The ABCs of College Visits – Part One

This is the first in a 3-part series about college visits.  Today, I am posting A through H in The ABCs of College Visits. A –         Accept that your child may not have the same impression of a school

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Organize Your College Search

We Have Researched Schools – Now What? You need a place to capture and organize all of the information you have gathered.  This will be a key resource in your kid’s college search.  I have created a spreadsheet format that

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