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Transition Time in the College Search Process

May 1, National Decision Day, has just passed.  That causes a transition time in the college search process.  High school seniors drop out of the process.  They have finished the college search and college selection.  They are on their way to

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Know Your College Search Vocabulary

For parents just starting the college search, there are certain college search vocabulary words you need to understand.  Today I want to lay a few of these out and provide you with resources to check out for more information. Expected

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Best College Search Resources

As a parent starting the college search with your high school student, how do you find the best college search resources? It’s a difficult quest in a world full of opinions and the millions of results that will display in

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Starting the College Search

My middle daughter turns 16 today and yesterday was the last day of her sophomore year.  I guess that officially makes her a high school junior!  We are ready to officially kick off her college search.  She will be going

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Beware of the College Sales Pitch

As you are visiting colleges and talking to different school representatives, remember to take everything they tell you with a grain of salt.  Representatives are paid to promote their schools.  Even that sweet little sophomore tour guide who couldn’t say

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What’s Your College Search Type?

When working through the college search with your college-bound teen, it is helpful to know what type of college search you are doing.  This can help to identify the tools and resources that will be most beneficial.  I have identified

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How to Choose a College: A Parent’s Guide

Today’s post is a guest post from Bobby Touran, founder and CEO of ApplyKit.  ApplyKit is a great resource to help keep the college application process organized. Figuring out how to choose a college can be one of the hardest

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5 Things You Need to Do Before Your Kid’s College Search

Ideally, preparation for the college search process will start years beforehand.  There are several things you can do as a parent to be in a better position for helping your child determine what his or her college choice should be. 

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Mom’s Perspective – Lessons Learned in the College Search

If I had it to do over again, and I will with two more children, there are things I would do differently in the college search process.  Here are a few of them: Encourage my child to take both the

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My Top 10 College Search Information Websites – Updated

College Data – This site has become my favorite place for doing college search research.  It has great data to help with your college search. There is a very unique college search tool and College Chances Calculator.  The college search

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