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Who Gets Full Ride Scholarships?

Who gets full ride scholarships? Most parents want to know this as wouldn’t we all love not to have to pay for college? In answering this question, the key word is “Top“. Before we go any further in exploring this

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1,225 Major Merit Scholarships – Updated List

Full Ride and Full Tuition Scholarships

The Full Scholarship List, with 1,225 major merit scholarships, is newly updated as of July 31, 2016. I have validated all scholarships on the list, removed some that were no longer offered, corrected any links to the scholarship listings on the

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The Updated Full Scholarship List is Out!

Yesterday, I published an updated Full Scholarship List.  I review the full list twice a year, basically summer and winter, to see what has changed. The Full Scholarship List focuses on large scholarships offered directly by colleges, mostly full-tuition scholarships

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What ACT or SAT Score Can Get You a Full-Ride Scholarship?

There are still colleges in the United States that offer full-ride scholarships to attract students with high ACT or SAT scores.  The number of schools offering these scholarships seems to be shrinking over the past several years so it takes

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Can My Kid Get a Full-Ride Scholarship?

I was listening to a financial call-in program the other day and the topic of how a lady was going to pay for her kid’s college came up.  She said, “I’m hoping she will get a scholarship.”  That was it. 

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